Summer reading: Suggestions from Northgate Library readers

Gotz and Meyer by David Albahari
A very different take on the genocide of the holocaust, as imagined through the eyes of two non-commissioned SS officers assigned to drive the gassing trucks. 
      ~ Sharie 

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley
A quirky, slightly dark mystery solved by a quirky, slightly dark (in temperament) little girl. Quite fun and entertaining. 

Shock of Gray by Ted C. Fishman
The world is transitioning from a population that usually dies young to one that lives to advanced age, which is reshaping societies the world over.
      ~ Tim 

Unveiled: The Hidden Lives of Nuns by Cheryl Reed
A mostly sympathetic portrayal of contemporary American nuns. And Interesting, if somewhat disjointed read. 
      ~ Susan

The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens
This is a first-person account of Navy SEAL training and some of the SEAL missions. The author tells his story to demonstrate how the immediate activities of being a SEAL serve his larger goal of serving humanity.
      ~ Marilyn

One thought on “Summer reading: Suggestions from Northgate Library readers”

  1. Gotz and Meyer sounds really powerful, and reminds me of Hans Fallada’s “Every Man Dies Alone,” which also highlights the banality and everydayness of evil, warning us not to look for monsters with gnashing teeth, but to look to ourselves.

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