The Reading Dead: A Zombie literary salon.

Walking Dead Days Gone By Cover ImageAMC’s The Walking Dead has risen again for a second season, but the aisles of your local library are already crowded with zombies, including Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novel series upon which the show is based (and what isn’t based on graphic novels at this point?) and the first season on DVD.  

For anyone who thought the zombie craze was so 2009, think again. And as whimsical as many zombie titles are (Zombie Haiku?), there seems to be something deadly serious underlying all those “could you survive a zombie apocalypse” Facebook quizzes, as we whistle through the darkness of our prolonged global economic crisis and reflect wistfully on the bygone American Century. There’s plenty to fear these days, and relentless hordes of brain-hungry cadavers seem an apt metaphor; I predict zombies will still be hot at least until unemployment dips back below 6%.

A while back I thought I’d assemble a tidy little list of zombie books in our catalog, but I had seriously underestimated the relentless, ravening hordes of the zombie revival that wouldn’t die: they just kept coming, and coming, and coming. Our catalog lists no less than 351 items with “zombie” in the subject heading, so I’m at seven lists and counting, and here they are:

I don’t think I’ll truly be happy until we have a fullscale zombie invasion of the library. Not to tempt fate, but after visits from Santarchy and Glee Flash Mobs, it just feels like we’re due.

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