Science Fiction Fridays: My favorite druid

When I discovered the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne, I was expecting an apathetic, immortal druid, with a sad story and lots of dangerous magic. What I got was Atticus O’Sullivan, a delightfully well-adjusted 2,000-year-old tea-maker with a penchant for fish and chips. In the first book, Hounded, Atticus and his sidekick (a wise-cracking Irish Wolfhound) have a bit of problem in the form of an ancient Celtic deity bent on retrieving a hidden magical sword. This first story is fast-passed, witty, and lots of fun.

In the second book, Hexed, Atticus is up to his ears in witches. Since he’s been burned by women with magical powers in the past, he hopes signing a peace agreement will keep the local coven safely on the other side of town. Unfortunately, things get complicated when more witches arrive, equipped with big magic and sinister intentions. Atticus and his pals must out-magic and out-think the new arrivals before they can claim the city for themselves.

In Hammered, Atticus reluctant agrees to escort a group of pissed-off monsters into Asgard, home of the Norse Gods. Apparently Thor is a bit of a jerk and nearly everything supernatural wants to take him down. This story is a little more tragic and angst-heavy than the previous two, but it does have comic relief in the form of a giant, talking squirrel. It also sets the scene for the continued adventures of Atticus and his friends in the next book, Tricked, due out in early spring.

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