Science Fiction Fridays: Let’s Get Graphic

Is there anything better in life than lounging outside on a sunny day reading a great graphic novel? What if we throw in some goth music and some particularly dark graphic novels? Now we’re cooking, my dark-sided friends! So step outside into the sunshine, put on your headphones and check out these surefire graphic novel hits.

Flex Mentallo by Grant Morrison

A wonderfully strange graphic novel starring a minor character from the pages of Doom Patrol that toes the line between fantasy and fiction as the characters leave the pages of the comic itself to tell their story. The plot of this one involves a drug addicted pop star and his physical and mental decay while recounting the comic book characters he created as a kid, namely Flex Mentallo. It’s dark and peculiar with the plenty of the multifarious storytelling Grant Morrison is known for.

Area 10 by Christos Gage

The story begins as a police procedural involving an investigation into a series of decapitation murders. However, the story slowly starts to morph into something more bizarre after the main investigator is involved in a freak accident that affects a peculiar area of his brain. The artwork is modern noir with sly nods to TV police dramas like CSI and Law and Order, but the story is 100% innovative.

American Vampires by Scott Snyder

The brutal storytelling of 30 Days of Night with the emotional artwork of Walking Dead. This series puts to rest the (thankfully) dying idea of vampires as misunderstood teens with sullen attitudes and sparkling skin. The stor involves the creation of distinctly American vampires by accident from the long-lived European vampires, themselves a cultured aristocracy grown weak and complacent. The story jumps back and forth between the Old West and the roaring 1920s with some truly goosebump-raising moments. It’s a wonderfully bloody affair that breathes new life into an undead genre

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