Science Fiction Fridays: Finding love in the most unusual places

Who says that love is only in the air in springtime? I personally believe that there is nothing more romantic than fall; the leaves turning red, yellow and brown, while pumpkins begint to line doorways heralding in the greatest holiday of them all. These crisp mornings definitely put me in the mood for some romance in my science fiction and fantasy and I would be quite the dastardly cad if I didn’t share these fine suggestions for romantic sci-fi and fantasy with you. What’s your favorite science fiction and fantasy romance?

The Scar by Maryna Dyachenko

A blessedly original dark fantasy that is equal parts fable, adventure story and romance rolled into one piquant blend. Egbert, an egotistical soldier, is scarred by a mysterious stranger after he accidently murders young scholar. As he is ostracized from the life he knows, he goes on a journey to rid himself of the curse that controls him. A vivid story rich in details and laced with tender moments of emotional acuity. A fairy tale for the mature adult that is told with gentle melancholy and a skilled voice.

Bellwether by Connie Willis

A science fiction novel that may be light on action, but it has considerable charm due to Connie Willis’ wry sense of humor and gift for lovable doofuses. Two scientists studying fads and chaos theory must work together to not only solve scientific quandaries, but also navigate the soul-crushing stupidity of corporate bureaucracy. It’s an unabashed romantic comedy in a genre where such a thing is unheard of. The science is as fun and frothy as the courtship is awkward and funny. A nice pick-me-up novel for anyone feeling down.

 Lord Valentine’s Castle by Robert Silverberg

Valentine awakens with only hazy memories of his past and a curious sense of oddness around the new coronal who shares his name. After joining a band of jugglers, Valentine slowly begins to unravel both his past and the wonders of Majipoor. Silverberg’s ability to create a world that seems so strange, alien and alive is absolutely sublime. Throw in the dulcet romance that blossoms between the juggler Carabella and Valentine and the ends they go to for each other and you’ve got yourself one grand romance. A big, ambitious novel that is filled to the brim with color and verve. First in a marvelous series.

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