Science Fiction Friday: Five books our librarians love

Rimrunners by C.J. Cherryh
Intergalactic assassin Bet Yeager finds herself behind enemy lines and on the losing side of a war. Somehow she must stay alive and hide her true identity while making it to friendlier areas of space. (Alliance/Union series, Company Wars #4)

The Life Cycle of Software Objects by Ted Chiang
A start-up tech company makes startling discoveries in artificial intelligence while trying to perfect its brand of virtual pets.

Up Against It by M.J. Locke
A water shortage threatens the population of an asteroid colony, but Jane thinks a more sinister culprit—involving the Martian mafia, a violent cult and a rogue artificial intelligence—lies behind this potentially life-threatening catastrophe.

The Gift of Fire by Walter Mosley
A flip-over collection of two novels: One about the return of the mythical Prometheus to modern-day Los Angeles, the other about the rapid advancement of animatronic technology.

Redshirts by Jon Scalzi
No one seems to notice that low-ranking science officers aboard the Intrepid starship always disappear on away missions. The meta-fictional claws come out when new recruits investigate the truth behind the Redshirts’ run of bad luck.

For more titles, see our Science Fiction Favorites list in the catalog.

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