Science Fiction Fridays: Just for the thrill of it

Even though it is October, I don’t feel it’s quite time to unleash my lists of great horror science fiction and fantasy. But I’ve got a three great science fiction and fantasy thrillers that are sure to hit that reading sweet spot that always occurs (well, for me at least!) post-Labor Day but pre-Halloween. Make sure you don’t need to get a lot of sleep if you start these winners at night.

Devil’s Wake by Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due

A young teen meets up with a group of juvenile delinquents who escape from a summer camp during a mysterious outbreak of zombie infestation. While this intense zombie feast doesn’t do anything too off-the-wall with the well-worn premise, the husband and wife author duo manage to deliver the goods. They tweak the basic zombie presence with a creeping intelligence to the flesh-eating hordes that will generate some genuine shivers in even the most cynical horror reader. It’s the first in a new trilogy so expect an abrupt ending that will have you screaming for the next book.

 Amped by Daniel Wilson

When people who have received neural implants that are supposed to “amp” a person’s intelligence and brain function are stripped of their human rights, a powder keg for warfare is ignited that may tear the human race apart. This is Wilson’s second book after the very popular Robopocalypse, and like that book, the action is fast and the setup is so attention-grabbing. A great way to spend an afternoon to get you “amped” for the evening!

Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith

A retelling of the birth of Jesus involving a master thief and two criminals who barely escape crucifixion only to encounter Mary, Joseph and their very special newborn who are on the run from some very dark magics themselves. Fun, irreverent and brutal. An alternate history with shades of fantasy, horror and action. It’s not what you think it is, which is why the surprises come so fast and furious.

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