Comics Count! — newly independent readers and the world of comics

This Saturday at 2 p.m. is our third program for emerging readers this fall at the Central Library — and this week is all about comics! Comics for new readers, you say? But we want kids reading words, not looking at pictures! What are you saying?

I’ll admit, I enjoy comics and graphic novels myself, so I’m biased. But because I read them I know there’s the same range of quality and talent among graphic novels that you find within chapter books for kids. Some are like candy, and some are like a great meal. Luckily, when it comes to reading, even the “candy” will increase reading skills.

The pictures in comics can make the book appear less daunting for some kids. However, the way comics and graphic novels are constructed; they actually require children to follow a visual plot as well as the written words. Children may not be imagining the visuals entirely themselves, but they are making connections by filling in the gaps between each separate illustration. This contributes to the ability to make predictions, follow a narrative flow, and understand the concept of cause and effect.

At our program we will read some comics, look at how and why comics are constructed the way they are, act out a favorite story “comic-book style,” and get a chance to create our own comic. A variety of comics and graphic novels written for new readers will be available for check out as well.

Still not convinced? Take a look at this article Getting Serious About Comics. Also, check out our Comics for New Readers list for if you need some ideas.

Next week’s program for new readers, at the Central Library:
Build a Bob Book with Lynn Kertell on Saturday, November 3 at 2 p.m.

If you drive, keep in mind that we have inexpensive parking in the Library garage (enter on Spring Street, between Fourth and Fifth). It’s just $6 for all-day parking on weekends.

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