Crime: Presidential Thrills

As if this election season wasn’t thrilling enough, we’ve compiled a little list of Presidential Thrillers for your reading delight. Can fiction possibly be stranger than truth?

  • Find Matthew Glass's Ultimatum in the Seattle Public Library catalog.The Run, by Stuart Woods. A presidential stroke and vice presidential Alzheimer’s puts Senator Will Lee on the short list for Commander in Chief – and puts a target on his back.
  • The Next President, by Joseph Flynn. The upcoming election holds a special interest for sniper J.D. Cade, who is being blackmailed into targeting one of the candidates.
  • Ultimatum, by Matthew Glass. Imagine taking the oath of office, only to learn the country you now lead teeters on the brink of climatological devastation, as hurricanes, droughts and wildfires sweep the land. Hey, wait a minute…
  • The Enemy Within, by Noel Hynd. Libya’s new ruler is planning some regime change right here in America, and the Secret Service is on high alert – especially the assassin lurking in their ranks.
  • Executive Privilege, by Phillip Margolin. A private detective follows a trail of bodies that leads right to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • The Better Angels, by Charles McCarry. This prescient thriller in which islamic terrorists attack America with commercial airliners during an election year was first published in 1979.
  • Find Charles McCarry's The Better Angels in the Seattle Public Library catalog.The First Patient, by Michael Palmer. Dr. Gabe Singleton is concerned that his new patient – the leader of the free world – just might be going insane.
  • The Inside Ring, by Mike Lawson. Attorney Joe DeMarco suddenly finds himself at giddy, dangerous heights,  investigating the attempted assassination of the president.
  • The Last Jihad, by Joel Rosenberg. President James MacPherson kills Osama Bin Laden, dealing a presumptive death blow to Al Qaeda. Then the response arrives, with crippling force.
  • The Lions of Lucerne, by Brad Thor. In this series starter, Secret Service man Scot Horvath faces the ultimate nightmare as the president is kidnapped on a ski trip, vanishing without a trace.

Find more Presidential thrillers here in our catalog, or – if you’d rather be laughing, here’s some political satire.

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