Crime, Seattle Style: A Reading List.

Some of our favorite mysteries set in the rainy streets of Seattle.

Third and Forever by Lowen ClausenThird & Forever, by Lowen Clausen
Grace Stevens investigates a series of rapes involving college athletes, including one dating the daughter of her former partner, in this final chapter of a gripping trilogy by a former Seattle police officer.

Queer Street, by Curt Colbert.
Classic hardboiled P.I. Jake Rossiter and his gal Friday Miss Jenkins take a walk on the wild side when a female impersonator from the Garden of Allah turns up dead.

Red Tide, by G.M. Ford
In the 4th installment of the Frank Corso series, it’s journalist Corso vs. terrorists armed with a deadly Ebola virus mutation, threatening to unleash doomsday in Seattle’s bus tunnels.

Always, by Nicola Griffith
Ex-cop Aud Torvingen walks tall when it comes to dealing with tough guys, but the combination of Seattle real estate, a lethal batch of coffee, and a new woman in her life may just have her on the ropes.

Police and Thieves by James Patrick HuntPolice and Thieves, by James Patrick Hunt
Badass career criminal Dan Bridger heads for the Emerald City when his parole officer brother is shot to death in a Seattle parking lot, and the case is closed too fast.

Justice Denied, by J.A. Jance
Seattle homicide detective J.P. Beaumont (better known as “Beau” to Jance’s fans) investigates the death of an ex-con who had been in the process of turning his life around. 18th in the series.

Collared, by L.A. Kornetsky.
Concierge Ginny Mallard has a keen eye for detail and a knack for arranging anything, and so she tries her hand at private investigation, with a little help from her four-legged friends. Series debut.

Blood Lies, by Daniel Kalla
He may be able to hide his motive and opportunity, but when blood evidence ties him to the murder of his ex-fiancée and her lover, Dr. Ben Dafoe makes a run for the Canadian border in pursuit the real killer.

The Intruders, by Michael Marshall
The family of a Seattle scientist is murdered, a nine-year-old girl is missing from Cannon Beach, and ex-cop Jack Whalen’s wife goes missing during a business trip in this twisty, creepy thriller.

A Spark of Death by Bernadette PajerA Spark of Death, by Bernadette Pajer
In turn-of-the-century Seattle, Professor Oglethorpe is murdered through ingenious electrical means, and it takes a fellow scientist to illuminate the culprit. First of a galvanizing new historical mystery series.

The Body of David Hayes, by Ridley Pearson
The psychological pressures intensify when Seattle Police detective Lou Boldt finds that an embezzlement case involves his wife Liz and her ex-lover. Ninth in this series of fast-paced police thrillers.

3 thoughts on “Crime, Seattle Style: A Reading List.”

  1. Curt Colbert also is writing a new series with me, under the pen name of Waverly Curtis. The first in the series, Dial C for Chihuahua, is also set in Seattle and starts with Geri Sullivan, an out-of-work stager who just got hired by a PI, adopts a Chihuahua who talks and takes him along with her on her first client visit, where the pair stumble across the corpse of a Microsoft millionaire whose widow wants his money to finance a reality TV show called Dancing with Dogs.

  2. David I wanted to thank you for your great suggestions in response to my question posted on Questionland Seattle (in ummm March 2011) which is apparently now defunct. I wanted to choose your answer as my favorite!

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