Science Fiction Fridays: Five more favorites from our librarians

Surface Detail by Iain Banks

Lededje finds herself in the middle of the dangerous machinations of the all-powerful Culture who turned its attention to solving the problem of death itself by creating a virtual afterlife.

The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett

After an eccentric scientist discovers an infinite number of alternate Earths only a “step” away, Joshua and his artificial intelligence companion, Lobsang, set about exploring as much of the multiverse as they can.

Equations of Life by Simon Morden

Graduate student Samuil Petrovitch becomes embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy involving the Russian mafia, yakuza and gun-toting nuns after he saves a young woman from a kidnapping attempt in the London Metrozone. (Petrovitch Trilogy #1)

Home Fires by Gene Wolfe

A young couple separated by space and time, the victims of a war across light-years and the effects of time dilation, are newly reunited when an ill-fated Caribbean cruise puts them once again in danger.

Version 43 by Phillip Palmer 

A seemingly endless supply of cyborg cops are called to investigate everything from mass murder on distant planets to corrupt government officials to prostitution rings run by an intergalactic cabal of organized crime mobs.

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