Gift Giving Ideas

This is the time of the year when many people give gifts. Some people are easy to buy for and others are more challenging. We have both types on our lists! For inspiration, we took a look at books on gift giving in the library’s collection, did some internet searching and brainstorming, and came up with several ideas that we hope will help. Of course, it is all about who you are giving to, so we thought a variety of ideas could give the best assistance.

We can’t sell you our books, music, magazines or DVDs, but we can be a great source for ideas! You can even give them a “test drive.” Or, if you have a general idea of what your person likes to read, how about a suggestion from one of our booklists? There is a list of books suggested for booklovers on the Library Foundation’s page. If a magazine subscription is a possibility, come in to one of our locations and browse a variety of magazines.

It is not too late to create a gift. Maybe you are of the crafty persuasion and are looking for some ideas of projects to create. We have books that will show you how to make knit hats, picture frames, stationery, or maybe a hanging bird mobile.

Some people are most pleased by a gift to a charity in their name. But which organization to pick? provides expert recommendations and evaluates charities in 31 categories. offers crowd-sourced reviews of the work charities are doing as told by the volunteers, donors and beneficiaries. The Secretary of State’s Charities search provides lots more information about local organizations.

How about giving a service; either something you do yourself, or a gift certificate for car detailing, cleaning service, manicure, massage, photography or babysitting. You could make a handmade coupon book with several services.

Who doesn’t like food? For those inclined to make these at home, the library has a large collection of cookbooks with artfully delicious gift ideas. Even if you don’t want to cook, these might spark ideas for culinary gifts you can pick up. If you would rather not give food, how about a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or grocery store.

It is always fun to give experiences, especially if it is something you would enjoy sharing with the person. How about tickets to a play, a ride on Seattle’s Great Wheel, Yoga classes or a ski lift ticket?

If you are shopping for the latest electronic gizmo, don’t forget that the library subscribes to Consumer Reports and you can get to this online with your library card and pin number.

Still need more ideas? Have a look at this list of books on gift giving and gift making projects, or come visit the display of books on 7th floor of the Central library. We also have fun ideas for wrapping.

Maybe you have an innovative gift idea we didn’t think of? Reply below and let us know!

Barbara and Jay
~Central Library

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