Science Fiction Fridays: Bulletproof Fiction Part II

Here is part two of my suggestions for the growing number of authors who are writing stories with superheroes in more realist settings, or as I like to call it, bulletproof fiction! Check out Part I for more suggestions.

The Ghosts of Manhattan by George Mann

The Ghost is the haunted vigilante of an alternate history New York where steam-powered technology and black magic are the tools of a twisted crime syndicate. A winning combination of superheroics refracted through a pulp noir and steampunk lense. First in a series.


Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman

Doctor Impossible is an evil super genius with one last caper up his sleeve, while Fatale is a rookie hero who hides deep secrets under her gleaming cybernetic body. Told in a witty, matter-of-fact voice that peaks beneath the cape and cowl to show the human beings behind the super heroes and villains. It’s a surprisingly moving book that will have you confused as to where your sympathies should lie.

The Awakening by Michael Carroll

Danny and Colin leave in an age that has been devoid of superheroes for nearly ten years. That soon changes when both boys begin developing strange powers, only to discover their may be a nefarious reason for new found abilities. Though this book is classified as juvenile fiction, the focus on characterization and realistic consequences makes it enjoyable for even the even the most refined superhero palettes. First in a series.


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