Science Fiction Fridays: Alternate holidays

I am a proud Grinch. I don’t enjoy anything about the holidays; not the lights, not the food, not the music and definitely not the cold weather. However, one thing I do love is a heartwarming science fiction tale, and it seems like even the most dour author can turn out a warm and fuzzy when it arrives around this time of year. So while I only enjoy the holidays because it means new stories from some of my favorite authors, you may find these suggestions will only add another bit of cheer to your celebrations.  Here are some science fiction choices that will make your Christmas out of this world! Sorry about the awful pun.

yuletide universeYuletide Universe: Sixteen Fantastical Tales
Featuring stories by Neil Gaiman , Anne McCaffrey, Harlan Elison and Clive Barker, this collection has multiple appearances of Saint Nick (or at least twisted facsimiles), so it’s perfect for the Santaphile in you.

The Wreck of the Godspeed by James P. Kelly
Includes the short story “The Best Christmas Ever” and other tales about the triumphs and tragedies of technological progress.krampus

Krampus by Brom
 Lord Krampus attempts to take back the holiday from the sinister Santa Claus, who is not who he claims to be. A dark, funny and wild book that explores the collision of ancient myths and popular culture in suprising ways.

Warrior Wisewoman
Features the science fiction romance short story “Christmas Wedding” by Vylar Kaftan. Feminist science fiction that challenges the idea of what it means to be a woman.

miracle and other storiesMiracle, and Other Christmas Stories by Connie WillisThe science fiction Christmas story queen’s collection of holiday short fiction. Every one is a gem and features enough heart and soul to get even the Grinchiest reader in the mood.

 All About Emily by Connie Willisall about emily connie willis
I told you she was the queen of Christmas, right? A plucky robot refuses to give up her dreams of being on Broadway, and her only hope of making this dream a reality is an aging diva who has no intention of helping a young ingénue—robot or otherwise!

One thought on “Science Fiction Fridays: Alternate holidays”

  1. More of a fantasy, but Terry Pratchett’s book, Hogfather, is a sly look at Santa Claus from the Discworld perspective. Funny!

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