Library Love Fest, this Monday at the Central Library

We love librarians here at ShelfTalk (psst: many of us are librarians), and our readers do too, judging from some of our most popular posts on Librarian Fantasies and Librarians in Fiction. This Monday, January 28 at noon, that love will be on full display during a special “Library Edition” of SPL’s regular story time for grown-ups, Thrilling Tales. I’ll be reading three short stories:

  • haunted library image from "rockcreek" on flickr creative commonsThe Reference Room by John D. Macdonald. Welcome to the Library of the Future: they have a killer True Crime section. A classic tale from the 1950’s, with one helluva twist!
  • The General in the Library by Italo Calvino. Banning Books can have unanticipated results. Calvino’s wry fable teases the uneasy balance between the enduring library ethos of intellectual freedom, and the motives of the State.
  • Exchange by Ray Bradbury. Captain Spaulding learns that you can go home again, at the library. This early story of Bradbury’s shows just how much libraries meant to him, and why in many ways he is our literary patron saint.

Thrilling Tales is a lot of fun. The story time starts right about noon on Monday, January 28, at the Microsoft Auditorium on level one of the Central Branch. Please feel free to bring your lunch and bring a friend, sit back, turn off your cell phones and travel back to the days when a librarian read to you. You can go home again.

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