Freegal – Three for Free: I’ll Take Geographic Band Names for $200

All right everybody, set down your signaling devices and make your wagers, it’s time for Freegal “Jeopardy!” If this were an actual “Jeopardy!” category I would immediately assume the five answers given would be Chicago, Kansas, Boston, Phoenix and Europe. But in this case the bands are ones that have songs available for free download through The Seattle Public Library and Freegal (cue the Jeopardy “Thinking” Theme). So, without further ado, how about geographic band names for $200, please, Alex.

I'm From BarcelonaAnd the answer is…In name, this Swedish group claims to hail from the capital of Catalonia.

The question: What is the band I’m From Barcelona?

Correct! First of all, as referenced by the answer, despite the name of the band, I’m From Barcelona’s members are not from Barcelona but from Sweden. Secondly, although the lyrics of their song “We’re from Barcelona” may indicate otherwise, no, they’re not from Barcelona. Again, they’re Swedish. As you might expect from the tomfoolery involving the band’s name and song title, these musicians have fun making music and in doing so have crafted a wonderfully bubbly pop song that announces to the rest of the world just where exactly they (don’t) come from.

Moving on, I’ll take geographic band names for $800, Alex.

And the answer is…This Seattle band has taken its name from an island nation in the Indian Ocean.

The question: What is the band The Maldives?

The Maldives

Correct again! If you are only going to listen to one song by The Maldives in the next five minutes, then I would recommend their song “Blood on the Highway” from their 2012 release “Muscle for the Wing.” Featuring beautifully crafted vocal harmonies, distorted guitars buoyed by background banjos, and a guitar solo that is soulful yet somewhat subdued (reminiscent of Thin Lizzy and Neil Young), this is a dynamic song that warrants multiple listenings and gets better with each one.

To download these songs, log in to Freegal with your Seattle Public Library card number an PIN, then follow the links below. You can also download songs using the Freegal app, available in the App Store or on Google Play.  

Dominik Hauser – “Jeopardy ‘Thinking’ Theme” from “Jeopardy – ‘Thinking’ Theme” (Single) (Merv Griffin)

I’m From Barcelona – “We’re From Barcelona” from “The Kids at the Club: An Indiepop Compilation”

The Maldives – “Blood on the Highway” from “Muscle for the Wing”

*Freegal is a downloadable music service that offers access to approximately three million songs, including the Sony Music catalog. The collection changes daily and covers thousands of artists on over 10,000 labels with music that originates in over 60 countries. Library cardholders can download up to three songs per week on their computer, flash drive or mobile device (via the Freegal app, available in the App Store or on Google Play). There is no software to download and song files can be transferred to multiple devices, burned to disc and will never expire. You must have a Seattle Public Library card and PIN in order to access the service.

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