Science Fiction Fridays: Love and triangles

It may be only the beginning of February, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start talking about love. But this being a science fiction and fantasy column, we’re talking about love stories from a different angle. To be more accurate, triangles. Here are three science fiction and fantasy romances that feature all sorts of romantic configurations as varied as the settings themselves.

waking the moon elizabeth hand

Waking the Moon by Elizabeth Hand
College freshman Sweeney Cassidy finds herself at the center of a love triangle just as one of her paramours is chosen by a mysterious cult to bring forth an ancient Pagan goddess who will put an end to all patriarchal societies. A strange, erotic, lush and evocative book that is so original in style, story and execution it’s impossible to compare it to anyone. A cult classic that must be read to be believed.

The Quantum Rose
by Catherine Asaro
Kamoj is forced into a betrothal with Jax, a brutish, but powerful ruler, in orderquantum rose asaro to help the penurious people she governs. However, her heart ends up being swept away by the mysterious Havryl Lionstar, a man from off-planet who brings complications of his own. A wonderfully odd romance that uses quantum physics as a basis for a complicated love story (no, I am not making this up. There is fact-filled appendix that explains the mechanics). This is a character-driven romance that has no shortage of political and personal intrigue to keep the story riveting.

never let me goNever Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
Three schoolmates at a beautiful English boarding school explore their bodies and burgeoning feelings for each other, all while living with the truth about their true role in society where only certain individuals are valued. A lyrical tale with much to say about friendship turning to love and a delightfully piercing sense of existential bleakness.

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One Response to Science Fiction Fridays: Love and triangles

  1. Linda J. says:

    A brilliant topic to start off February. Triangles are much more interesting. Nice post!

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