Science Fiction Fridays: The fantastic folly of youth

It’s really not a secret that some of the best science fiction written in the past ten years has been classified as young adult. While most people acknowledge the distinction between adult and young adult science fiction does not denote quality, I find that few science fiction fans read juvenile genre fiction, besides some of the classics. Here are a few juvenile science fiction books that are well worth your time and should be pleasant surprises if the last children’s story you loved was A Wrinkle in Time.

strongerStronger by Michael Owen Carroll
Brawn is just like every other kid, except he’s blue, 13 feet tall and incredibly strong. This is the story of how he tried to be a good guy, ends up a supervillian and how he might still possibly redeem himself. This is a thoughtful book, typical of Carroll, that has warmth and humor tempered with real consequences for the young heroes in the series. It’s a deceptively deep book that explores the messy line between intentions and actions.

Trapped by Richard trapped douglas richards
When Ryan and Regan Resnick’s parents move them to the middle of nowhere they soon discover that their scientist parents are part of a secret government program that is Earth’s last hope from an alien invasion. The plucky siblings, suspenseful alien drama and compelling writing is reminiscent of some of David Gerrold at his best.

boom! mark haddonBoom! by Mark Haddon
When Charlie and Jim spy on their teachers they never imagined they would uncover an alien conspiracy that only they and Jim’s metal head teenage sister can stop. A zany, irreverent story that gives Douglas Adams a run for his money. If you like rapid fire wisecracks with your science fiction, look no further!

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