Science Fiction Fridays: More love and triangles

Jared recently wrote about some science fiction novels with love triangles at their core. I just read two books in a recent teen series that features a great, complex love triangle while telling a compelling story of survival: Amy Kathleen Ryan’s Sky Chasers novels, Glow and Spark.

Glow sets up the series beautifully, with complex characters, suspense and plenty of action. Waverly and Kieran are the oldest kids on the Empyrean, one of two ships headed to colonize New Earth, and have known they were meant to be together most of their lives. But when the New Horizon, the ship that was supposed to be leagues ahead of them, invades their ship, killing most of the adults on board, Waverly and Kieran’s lives change in unimaginable ways.

All of the girls are taken from the Empyrean to the New Horizon where they meet Anne Mather, the leader and Pastor of the ship. Mather is a remarkable villain: she is comforting and cajoling, pious and scheming. What are her plans for the girls? Why is she lying to them about the death of their parents?

Meanwhile, the remaining boys on the Empyrean fight to keep their ship running in pursuit of the New Horizon. Kieran and Seth, a sullen youth who has always pined for Waverly, vie for power in the midst traumatic loss. Ryan shows just how deadly things can get when two teenage boys, with emotions and perspectives in oppositional turmoil, go head to head.

Glow and Spark plunge the reader into a world of survival when the stakes are high. Fans of The Hunger Games and even Ender’s Game will find a series high on adrenaline and suspense.

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