Science Fiction Fridays: Three picks for the dystopia hungry reader

flash point kressFlash Point by Nancy Kress
With the United States in a permanent recession, Amy is forced to participate in a reality television show where she is never sure if the dangerous threats are real or manufactured. Fast-paced and smart science fiction that manages to be gritty and frighteningly believable in its portrayal of the future.

the disappearence wylie
The Disappearance by Philip Wylie
An alternating story that shows one world where all men have vanished and one where all women have disappeared. The survivors of each gender react in different, though ultimately tragic, ways. An early book of the dystopia genre that still manages to intrigue and stun decades after it was written.

amped daniel wilsonAmped by Daniel Wilson
When people who have received neural implants that are supposed to “amp” a person’s intelligence and brain function are stripped of their human rights, a powder keg for warfare is ignited that may tear the human race apart. This book really hits like a shot of adrenaline. Non-stop action that is truly unpredictable, but the characters are still fully realized so the consequences also feel real.

One thought on “Science Fiction Fridays: Three picks for the dystopia hungry reader”

  1. Jared…thanks so much for continuing to do Sci Fi fridays… I’ll never run out of ideas for reading. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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