Happy Birthday Akira Kurosawa!

While Akira Kurosawa’s status as the greatest director of all time is debatable, we’re all agreed that Seven Samurai is the best movie ever made, right? Good, I’m glad we got that all squared away.

Ran--film in the Seattle Public Library catalogAkira Kurosawa was born 103 years ago today. A few short months later, in August of 1910, the University Branch of the Seattle Public Library opened in its current location. These two events alone are why 1910 is universally recognized as the greatest year in history. To celebrate Kurosawa, the branch is displaying films from the artist’s oeuvre, so come on by and pick up a copy of Ran or High and Low.

Something Like an Autobiography--book in the Seattle Public Library catalogIf you are interested in filling in any gaps in your Kurosawa film knowledge but cannot make it over to 98105, feel free to place a hold on some of these titles in the catalog. Or if you’re interested in diving deeper, check out Kurosawa’s memoir Something Like an Autobiography (not the best title of a great director’s autobiography, but close) or the recently departed Donald Richie’s fantastic The Films of Akira Kurosawa.

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One Response to Happy Birthday Akira Kurosawa!

  1. Paige says:

    Great post! I will have to check out some of Kurosawa’s films. And I will not argue with “Fun in a Chinese Laundry” being best title of a director’s autobiography.

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