Crime: Papal Intrigue!

Image of the Vatican courtesy of xlynx via FlickrI confess: I miss the papal conclave. I miss the pomp and the costumes, but most of all I miss the accents. My favorite part of pope season is how all these men in vestments or Armani suits suddenly appear on the news giving color commentary in these just terrific Roman accents, kind of like Father Guido Sarducci used to do during the golden age of Saturday Night Live. 

In case you’re also experiencing papal withdrawal, I’ve thrown together a little list of novels packed with Papal Intrigue! in our catalog. With the popularity of US Presidential thrillers, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of compelling stories out there centering around the Pope, which add to the treacherous atmosphere of power politics the romantic aroma of Italian culture and the heady incense of Good vs. Evil.

Find The Pope's Assassin in the Seattle Public Library catalog.Papal thrillers come in all shapes and sizes, from the stylish historical drama of Sara Poole’s Poison: A novel of the Renaissance, to Juan Gómez-Jurado’s contemporary serial-killer shocker, God’s Spy. Of course there are well-known titles by blockbuster writers such as Dan Brown and Steve Berry. Then there’s The Last Pope, inspired by the mysterious demise of John Paul I, and one of three papal thrillers by Portugese writer Luís Miguel Rocha. Especially timely is Jon Sweeney’s gripping non-fiction title The Pope Who Quit: A true Medieval tale of mystery, death, and salvation, relating the fascinating true story of Celestine V, one of only three canonical popes who have retired. Check out the rest in our catalog.

One thought on “Crime: Papal Intrigue!”

  1. Granted it’s more of a comedy than a thriller, but Robert Ludlum’s “Road to Gandolfo” even has a pope named Francisco 38 years before his time.

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