Science Fiction Fridays: Jurassic panic

If you’re of a certain age, the Jurassic Park movie holds a very special place in your heart. It had everything: science, action, Jeff Goldblum and most of all dinosaurs! The book was even better and turned a whole new audience on to the particular joys of Michael Crichton’s science thrillers. In preparation for the upcoming 3D re-release of Jurassic Park, here are two page-turners featuring some pre-historic terrors.

relic douglas preston lincoln childRelic by Preston Douglas and Lincoln Child
Something deadly is loose in the New York Museum of Natural History leaving a wake of mutilated corpses behind and the only clue is an ill-fated expedition to the Amazon with a similarly high body count. While this book is definitely more on the horror end of the spectrum than Crichton usually explored, the suspense and fast-paced writing will definitely please fans of science thrillers. The best part of this book are the ominous and genuinely unnerving descriptions of the Natural History Museum that create a chilling atmosphere.

Fragment by Warren Fahyfragment warren fahy
A group of scientists set off to explore a previously unknown island that holds an ecosystem that is evolutionary isolated from the rest of the world by hundreds of millions of years. A perversely imaginative thought experiment where Fahy delights in creating life forms that couldn’t be any weirder and more dangerous if they’d come from the stars themselves. Along with the genre’s standard lesson of mankind’s hubris, the reader is treated to non-stop excitement in this science thriller with real teeth.

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