Happy Money Smart Week!

photo by cc attribution by 401(K) 2013 on flickrThis week Shelf Talk is highlighting financial literacy topics for Money Smart Week! Money Smart Week is a national campaign to help increase consumer awareness about all things money. Hundreds of different organizations participate, including libraries. The campaign started in Chicago in 2002 and has quickly spread across the country.

There are a myriad of ways one can be money smart. For some, that might mean budgeting, couponing, saving for college, getting out of debt or planning an estate. For others, it might include strategies for avoiding fraud, making environmentally friendly choices, conducting consumer research, learning how to finance a small business, saving for retirement or selecting a financial institution. The library has information on all of these topics, but we’ve chosen a few and written posts and about investing, eliminating credit card debt, talking with kids about money and household budgeting. These will post this week (stay tuned!) We’ve also put together some resource lists.

photo by cc attribution by borman818 on flickrWe hope these ideas will help, but if you are looking for financial information on a topic we haven’t covered, just ask and we will see what else we can come up with.

Perhaps you want to share your own creative ideas of ways to be Money Smart? The shutter-happy can participate in a free creative photo scavenger hunt that uses a mobile application to share images. There is even a chance to win prizes.

We’ve been having our own creative fun, and as a result, the library has some informative displays set up for you to enjoy. Drop in to the Central library, High Point, Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill, International District, Columbia, Southwest or Greenwood branches and have a look.

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