Money Smart Week: Eliminating credit card debt

photo by cc attribution by Images_of_Money on flickrCredit card debt can feel like a heavy burden. It can be frustrating and anxiety provoking to pay high interest rates month after month. Paying only the minimum payment each month keeps many cardholders in “perma–debt,” a state many families have come to accept as normal. But never fear – there is hope. You can become debt free!

photo by cc attribution by The Consumerist on flickrThere are a variety of strategies to help you address your credit card debt. You could stop the flow of credit card offers, write down exactly how much debt you have, create a realistic financial plan, always exceed the minimum payment due, wage war on your debt by paying off the highest interest rate cards first and make lifestyle changes to discontinue the cycle. There are many books that can help you sort through the issues, decisions and the needed actions.

Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom by Lynnette Khalfani- Cox

Master your Debt by Jordan E Goodman

Deal with your Debt by Liz Pulliam Weston

Debt Free for Life by David Bach

Power to Prosper by Michelle Singletary

Other helpful titles are listed on our Money Smart Week resource lists.

photo by cc attribution by Tax Credits on flickrThis is the week that could change your financial future. Commit to becoming free from credit card debt and become a positive financial role model! Then find the strategy that will work for you. We will be here next week, next month and next year to help you, so just ask and we will find information and resources to help.

Money Smart Week is a national public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. This week, the Seattle Public Library is featuring blog posts on financial topics, lists of resources and informative displays in eight library locations. Drop in to the Central library, High Point, Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill, International District, Columbia, Southwest or Greenwood branches and have a look.

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