Science Fiction Fridays: 5 books that prove werewolves are the new vampires

liarLiar by Justine Larbalestier
Micah is a compulsive liar who decides to come clean with a big revelation—but will she be believed? Is she telling the truth even to herself? This is a complicated and slippery novel that has one of the most unreliable narrators I’ve ever come across. Part of the fun is trying to figure our Micah’s lies and how her narration completely changes the book from chapter to chapter.

last werewolf

The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan
For a pack creature like werewolves, Jake finds his standing as the last of his kind intolerable and contemplates suicide as an escape from his immortal and lonely existence, but things turn interesting when it’s revealed that someone else may want Jake dead as well. This is the kind of book Phillip Roth would write if he wrote horror and had a taste for suspense. Compelling characterization drives the story, but it’s the gruesome action and steamy that will please fans of Anne Rice. Speaking of the devil…

wolf gift anne riceThe Wolf Gift by Anne Rice
After a reporter is bitten by a strange beast while on assignment, he soon becomes seduced by the power of the Wolf, though violence is never far behind his lustful encounters. If you’ve read Anne Rice before you know to expect lush, intoxicating prose and characters that have real depth from their all-too-human(ish) flaws. But Rice’s foray into the werewolf mythos seems to have reinvigorated her writing. The atmosphere is laid on nice and thick while the plotting is one of the author’s nimblest. This is a great book for Rice fans old and new to reintroduce themselves to a genre mainstay.pack

The Pack by Jason Starr
Simon Burns has lost his job and now spends his days as a stay at home dad and befriends a group of fellow dads, but his new friends hold a dark secret that threaten Simon and his family. This book is only of interest to those that enjoy only the most fast-paced and nonstop thrill ride of books. A polished and glossy book that has enough shocking twists you may just finish it in one sitting.

red moonRed Moon by Benjamin Percy
The lycans have always lived among us—hidden from plain view, but a part of our communities nonetheless. However, when a group of terrorist werewolves take down a plane, the United States suddenly becomes a very dangerous place to live for anyone with lycan blood. The combination of terrorism and werewolves works absolutely brilliantly and the pages are practically dripping with blood. Dramatic and thought-provoking in equal turns, Percy shows us a werewolf story we haven’t seen before and does it in the most lyrical and disturbing way possible.

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