Romantic Wednesdays: Contemporary summer reads

Summer is just around the corner in Seattle! It’s almost time to relax on the beach at Golden Gardens with a good romance novel.

If you’re looking for the ideal summer romance novel filled with witty banter and great character chemistry, you can’t go wrong with the current queen of contemporary romance: Susan Elizabeth Phillips, or SEP as she’s known to her fans.

This Heart of Mine ShelfTalkSEP’s novels include larger-than-life heroes such as professional athletes, actors, millionaires and strong-willed, intelligent heroines. Don’t miss This Heart of Mine, which pairs Chicago football star Kevin Tucker with heiress and children’s author Molly Somerville. Molly has had a crush on Kevin for years but refuses to acknowledge it, while Kevin mistakenly thinks that Molly is a spoiled brat. Before long Kevin and Molly realize that first impressions It Had to be Your ShelfTalkaren’t everything.

It Had to be You, the story of Molly Somerville’s sister Phoebe, is just another of SEP’s novels which chronicles the lives and loves of other professional athletes and their family members. Phoebe hides her past struggles beneath a bombshell persona, which coach Dan Calebow has difficultly seeing past at first. What I really appreciate about Susan Elizabeth Phillips is Welcome to Tempation ShelfTalkher ability to be humorous even when dealing with serious issues, such as family drama and societal pressures.

Jennifer Crusie is also known for her warm and witty romances. When Sophie Dempsey reluctantly agrees to help her younger sister film a movie in a small town, she doesn’t expect to encounter an unsolved murder, an attractive mayor and the town’s quirky residents. Welcome to Temptation serves up an appealing idealMaybe This Time  ShelfTalk of small town life and characters you’d love to spend time with on, or off, the page.  

Check out Crusie’s Maybe This Time for a story with more supernatural flair. When Andie Miller gets romped into taking care of her ex-husband’s orphaned cousins, she didn’t realize she’d also be dealing with a haunted house and an unfriendly housekeeper. To complicate matters, Andie is starting to wonder if she and her ex-husband shouldn’t give their relationship one more shot…

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