Science Fiction Fridays: 5 sci-fi reads our children’s librarians love

red lantern's revengeRed Lantern’s Revenge by Michael Acampora
It’s up to the Green Lanterns Corps to save the underground seas of Mars from the Red Lanterns and the fate of Earth ‘s own polluted oceans hangs in the balance.torn haddix

Torn By Margaret Haddix
Jonah and Katherine travel back in time to 1611 to save John Hudson, the son of the great explorer, from drowning, but soon find more problems than they bargained for.

dead gentlemanThe Dead Gentleman by Matthew Cody
Tommy Learner’s world of New York City in 1900 is much different than Jezebel Lemon’s in modern-day time become intertwined as a portal between their worlds opens and an ancient force threatens the world.signal

Signal by Cynthia C. DeFelice
Owen thought his new life with his workaholic father in upstate New York would be a boring drag, but when he meets a young girl who may have interstellar origins, life becomes more interesting—and dangerous.

wondlaThe Search for Wondla by Tony Diterlizzi
Sometime in the far future, Eva Nine lives alone on an alien planet with the robot Muthr for her only friend. But Eva decides to leave the safety of her underground home to explore the fantastic and frightening alien world.

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