Romantic Wednesdays: Ex-Box

Now it’s not a gaming console, it’s that little box in the back of your closet or in the storage unit at your apartment, that little box of doom and gloom. I’ve come to believe that most of us have a Pandora’s box of heartbreak. It has the power, once opened, to bring back all those memories of the person whose soul is contained under the lid.

Maybe it contains movie tickets, old pictures, love letters, a mix cd, or even a lucky penny…all those magical little items that once held such great joy.

Mine was stowed away in a wooden trunk filled with other mementos from over the years, but I finally decided it’s been long enough and it was time to truly say goodbye to the ex-box…so into the fire it went!

Here are a few items in our collection that bring those old memories back to life:Click here to find Like Crazy in SPL catalog

Like Crazy: Oh, what we do for love…and what happens when we finally get it? This film follows Anna and Jacob’s relationship as they struggle with falling in love and then being separated due to Anna’s canceled student visa.Click here to find Always Something There to Remind Me by Beth Harbinson in SPL catalog

Always Something There to Remind Me by Beth Harbinson. This novel asks the question do we ever get over our first love? And what happens if they come back into our lives?

Click here to find Kaleidoscope Heart by Sara Bareilles in SPL catalogKaleidoscope Heart by Sara Bareilles. This wasn’t my break up album, but if I had to choose one today this would do it. Even now listening to it can bring back memories from the past.Click here to find Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler in SPL catalog

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. A wonderfully illustrated young adult novel chronicling the downfall of Min’s relationship with Edward through the items in her ex-box.

From literature to music to film…love sure isn’t easy, but its nice knowing we’ve all been there and how great it feels to let go.

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