Science Fiction Fridays: 5 books every Breaking Bad fan needs to read

fiendFiend by Peter Stenson
Two meth addicts coming down from a high find the world in the grip of a zombie apocalypse where staying alive is almost as hard as scoring their next hit. Why you should read it: It’s all about supply and demand, whether it be drugs or brains!

Breed by Chase Novakbreed
Alex and Leslie Twisden subject themselves to an experimental fertility treatment in the hopes of finally conceiving. Years later their beautiful children must be locked up at night—to protect them from their parents. Why you should read it: For that special bond between a parent and their child they want to eat.

folly of the worldThe Folly of the World by Jesse Bullington
A historical fantasy about two men and young woman thrown together in a daring plot to claim a large fortune from the bottom of a flooded valley. However, these three are no heroes. Why you should read it: They are complex and twisted characters with a capacity for good that is often overshadowed by their own violent tendencies. house of the scorpion

House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer
Matt’s life is put in danger when he discovers he is the clone of a 142-year old drug lord, El Patron, who is growing Matt for replacement parts. Why you should read it: Possible insight into what drug dealers of the future may look like. Well, at least the ones on tv.

market forces morganMarket Forces by Richard K. Morgan
The executives of Shorn Associates manufacture war and sell it to the highest bidder as well as the public. Life isn’t much better for the execs themselves in a world where human life is privatized and profitized and the employees of these high paying jobs have car chases to the death for coveted promotions. Why you should read it: Proof that the ways of making an immoral buck are multitude.

2 thoughts on “Science Fiction Fridays: 5 books every Breaking Bad fan needs to read”

  1. Fiend is the best book I’ve read this year. I don’t love Breaking Bad because of the drugs, same with Fiend, but because they both have an addictive quality to the story. Like chain watching BB, I read Fiend almost non-stop.

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