Movie Mondays: the hoopla about hoopla

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hoopla is the Library’s newest streaming video and music service. The video collection contains an eclectic mix of more than 3,000 films and television shows, from classics to the occasional new release. You can check out 20 videos per month, for 72 hours each, and watch videos on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Best of all, they are always available.

What Maisie Knew (2013), based on the Henry James novel, is told through the eyes of Maisie (Onata Aprile), who is the subject of a bitter custody battle between her parents (Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan), yet is seemingly ignored by both and forms a bond with her mother’s new husband (Alexander Skarsgård).

The Iceman (2013), based on the book by Anthony Bruno, tells the true story of Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon), a contract killer who killed more than 100 people until his arrest in 1986, to the complete surprise of his wife (Winona Ryder).

The African Queen
(1952). This romance for the ages stars Humphrey Bogart (Oscar Winner for Best Actor) and Katharine Hepburn as two mismatched strangers who join forces to attack a German warship in East Africa during World War II, and fall in love. Based on C.S. Forester’s novel.

Hud (1963). Paul Newman is Bud Hannon, one of the most amoral characters to hit the screen. He’s at odds with his father Homer (Melvyn Douglas) and takes advantage of his impressionable nephew Lon (Brandon DeWilde) and housekeeper Alma (Patricia Neal) before his actions catch up with him. Oscars went to Douglas and Neal, and Newman received a nomination. Based on Larry McMurtry’s Horsemen, Pass By.

The NeverEnding Story
(1984). Bastian (Barret Oliver) is a bullied boy who is transported to the mythical land of Fantasia through the pages of a mysterious book, where he becomes a hero. Based on the much loved book by Michael Ende.

My Dog Skip (2000). Classic coming-of-age story with Frankie Muniz, a shy boy who grows up in the south in the 1940s with his parents (Kevin Bacon and Diane Lane) and his beloved dog, Skip (Eddie from Frasier). Both the film and the memoir by Willie Morris will make you laugh and cry.

Bill Cunningham New York
(2011) This profile of the cheerful 80-year-old New York Times fashion photographer, along with interviews with fashion icons including Anna Wintour and Michael Kors, received near universal acclaim.

Woody Allen: A Documentary Part 1 and Part 2 takes an in-depth look at Woody Allen, including his childhood, personal life and prolific career as the director of nearly 50 films to date.

Dark Shadows
(1967-1971). This gothic soap opera starring Jonathan Frid as vampire Barnabas Collins has remained a cult favorite for decades. The first four collections of the program are currently available.

A Touch of Frost (1992-2010). The first six seasons of this venerable British detective show starring David Jason as Detective Inspector Jack Frost are featured.

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One Response to Movie Mondays: the hoopla about hoopla

  1. While Australian actress Naomi Watts refers to Allen as the “best actor’s director that I’ve ever worked with”, one wonders whether she’s really gotten it right. Lately, Allen seems to be more of an auteur than ever describing his work as simply “storytelling”. Virtually all of Allen’s films incorporate him as an actor and are based on some facet of his personal life.

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