Romantic Wednesdays: Geeks in Love, or, Talk Nerdy to Me

nerd in shining armor by vicki lewis thompsonWe all have an image in our minds when someone mentions the words “geek” or “nerd”. Someone socially awkward, but technically adept, someone who knows a lot about something very obscure, and possibly even science fictional, but is clueless about the social niceties.

Usually a hero with a difficult time reaching a happy ever after with the person of his dreams. Sometimes the geek is a girl, and she has even more trouble. But geeks are just as good at studying any subject that they set their minds to, especially the ones they set their hearts on!

Nerd in Shining Armor by Vicki Lewis Thompson may be the original contemporary nerd romance. Genevieve Terrance things she’s going to a tropical island paradise with the sexy boss she’s been dreaming of for months. Her boss is using the trip as a smokescreen for other nefarious plans. Then Genevieve gets saved by Jack, the computer programmer who has secretly been lusting after her for months. Wildly hilarious romantic suspense ensues.

flirting with disaster by ruthie knoxFlirting with Disaster by Ruthie Knox exhibits Knox’ flair for building a touching romance out of the believably ordinary crises of regular people and real life. Katie Clark has come home to start over after a broken marriage and a bad divorce. Sean Owens is back home to tie up his mother’s estate. But Sean’s return forces him to face all the internal demons he left behind, and he feels like he’s reverted back to the geeky, stuttering boy he was at 18, not the multimillionaire founder of a computer security firm he is in California. The boy he used to be loved Katie Clark, and it turns out that he still does.
attachments by rainbow rowell
Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is a romantic comedy about internet security in the workplace. The description sounds mildly stalker-ish, and it could have gone down that road. Beth and Jennifer violate company policy by sending each other personal emails at work, as best friends do. Lincoln’s job is to read all their emails, and he falls in love with Beth by reading her semi-private email to her BFF. This story shouldn’t work but it so does.


geek girl and the scandalous earl by gina lammThe Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl by Gina Lamm takes the whole problem of how difficult it can be for a geek to find true love to an extreme. Jamie Marten (the geek girl in this story) is an avid gamer who finds herself dragged 200 years in the past by a witch’s spell. Why? Because that spell has identified her as the soulmate of the owner of the castle. There’s a lot of fun in this romance, as the witch has to convince Jamie that she’s at least temporarily stuck in the early 1800s and as Jamie has to convince the Earl that she’s not mad as a Hatter so he doesn’t pack her off to Bedlam. They fall in love amid the laughter as they negotiate the temporal mix-up.

I’m off to do some more geeking out about books!

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