What do GMO labels, petition signatures and excise taxes have in common?

Click here to visit the Living Voters GuideThey are all initiative measures on the 2013 ballot. If you are a registered Washington State voter, you will be asked to weigh in on each of these soon. The election is only three weeks away, do you feel informed and ready?

The Washington Secretary of State’s Online Voters’ Guide is a great official source of information on the initiative measures, but it doesn’t explore all the different aspects of the initiatives. As you form your decision, it can be useful to consider the different strengths and weaknesses people have come up with on both sides of the argument.

That’s where the Living Voters Guide comes in. This site encourages people to list their favorite pro and con points on each ballot measure. A handy list making tool allows you to select the points you like and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each initiative. There are also discussion threads where people deliberate on the points themselves. If you think of a pro or con that hasn’t been included yet, it is easy to add and others will appreciate your input.

What role does the library play in all of this? If you discover a pro or con point with a suspicious fact, you can flag the point and your very own Seattle Public Library librarians will look for resources that are consistent or inconsistent with the claim. You’ll also find lists of informative sources curated by librarians.

Sound useful? Sound fun? Give the Living Voters Guide a try! Librarians are standing by!

If you are looking for more information and books about voting and elections, take a look at this list of online resources and see what’s available in the library’s catalog

Just for fun, test yourself with our little poll question below.  If you promise not to peek, here is the cheat sheet answer.

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