Science Fiction Fridays: 5 great horror reads to keep your thrills going through the holidays

beautiful thingThe Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All by Laird Barron
A short story collection from the award-winning author melding horror, hard-boiled noir and the weird into unforgettable tales. Barron is a master at the craft of short story writing and his newest collection is yet another jewel on his crown. Fans of literary horror and the New Weird will devour this collection.

American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennettamerican elsewhere
Ex-cop Mona Bright inherits an unknown house after her mother dies only to discover that the residents of Wink, New Mexico have a very peculiar nature. Fans of H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King will loves this tale of a small town with big secrets.

necromancer's houseThe Necromancer’s House by Christopher Buehlman
After an irreverent wizard inadvertently kills the wrong man, he finds himself stalked by an unrelenting terror that won’t stop until everything and everyone loves is in ruins. Strange, mysterious and full of thoroughly touching and frightening moments.  There aren’t many authors out there that can write as well as Buehlman and this is his third straight winner in a row. fiend

Fiend by Peter Stenson
Two meth addicts coming down from a high find the world in the grip of a zombie apocalypse where staying alive is almost as hard as scoring their next hit. A high-octane survival tale written in a style like it’s happening as the pages turn.

ex-heroesEx-Heroes by Peter Clines
A ragtag group of superheroes is all that stands between the remnants of society and the hordes of ex-humans that now infest Los Angeles. Superheroes and zombies. Could there be a more perfect combination?

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