Science Fiction Fridays: 5 new books that go great on ice

plaguewalkerPlaguewalker by Gemma Tarlach
A brutish executioner sets off on a mission to find his runaway daughter after the plague decimates his entire village and puts him out of work. This dark fantasy has a nice dreaminess to it that is easy to get carried away in, but has vivid characterization that will make the whole thing stick.


The Curiosity by Stephen Kiernan Kate Philo and a colorful team of scientists reanimate a man frozen in the arctic for over 100 years, but the world may not be ready for the ramifications of science that can defeat death. This novel has an interesting take on the politics of science and research as well as a love story that fans of The Time Traveler’s Wife will find enthralling.

frozen solidFrozen Solid by James M. Tabor
In the deadly cold of the South Pole, microbiologist Hallie Leland is sent to investigate the death of a friend and is soon ringside for a string of grisly deaths that threaten to make the tundra her tomb. A great techno-thriller with a strong female character whose tenacity and smarts make for a hero you can unabashedly root for. Tabor is poised to take on Michael Crichton’s mantle as the king of the techno thriller.

Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntoshlove minus eighty When Rob breaks up with his girlfriend he is so distraught he accidently hits Winter with his car. And kills her. But death is not necessarily the end for a good looking girl like Winter. She becomes a “bridecicle”, the cryogenically frozen property of a large corporation that keeps good looking women frozen as a dating option for very wealthy men. During brief visits, the bridecicles try to convince would-be suitors to pay for their medical bills and reanimation, though it means they become the property of their new husbands.

It’s a wry take on dating and love and how the Facebookers and OK Cupiders of today will see dating and relationships in the future. But it’s also about feminism and the power of controlling one’s own body and what that means. This book will make you laugh, cry, cringe and stay awake way too late to see which characters end up with who.

shamanShaman by Kim Stanley Robinson
Loon is an apprentice shaman who returns from a difficult Wander, a journey of self-discovery and manhood, only to discover he has been permanently altered from whom he once was. A coming-of-age story that highlights how universal human struggles, triumphs and tragedies have been throughout the ages

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