Interested in healing foods? Try our Ways to Wellness Program…

Food can be your best medicine! This Sunday the Beacon Hill branch will host the talk Anti-Inflammatory Food for Health and Wellness, by family nutritionist Michelle Babb. She’ll discuss how chronic inflammation can be the root cause of many diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes. She’ll also teach you how to prepare low budget, healthy and tasty meals, and you can walk away with sample recipes and a resource list.

You can also check into some of the library’s resources while you’re there, or any time!

Anti-inflammatory Foods for Health cover imageAnti-Inflammatory Foods for Health is a great companion to the lecture program. It gives you an overview of why foods cause inflammation and how that can affect your health. It offers some great suggestions for how to include healthier foods in your life, in easy and enticing ways.

Clean Cuisine cover imageClean Cuisine is also all about incorporating health into your life in ways that don’t throw it out of balance. In eight weeks, with support and ideas for each week’s goals, you’ll find that you have acquired some habits you’d always thought about, but never quite approached.

Anti-arthritis Anti-inflammation Cook Book cover imageAnd of course, part of making “healthy” food appealing is having great recipes! Easy and appealing, these dishes each pack a healthful punch. The book includes tips for healthy living, and gorgeous pictures to boot.

Consider joining us this Sunday from 1-3 PM at the Beacon Hill branch, and look out for future Ways to Wellness Programs.

Be Well!

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