Three for Free – “Cold” Cuts

As the long, cold, winter rolls along and the weather in the PNW continues to set record lows for high temperature numbers, get warm by moving your body to these “cold” cuts, songs utilizing the word “cold” that are available for free download using Freegal.

G. Love & Special SauceCold Beverage

When it comes to liquid refreshment on a hot summer’s day, I agree with G. Love. He likes cold beverages, I like cold beverages. What’s not to like about a cold beverage? It’s a simple formula really. To achieve maximum refreshment in the summertime: when weather equals hot, beverage equals cold. Uh-huh. A dirty guitar loop perched atop a filthy break beat keeps the music moving while G. Love’s motor-mouth moves meticulously through his rhymes. This fun little tune is a good listen no matter what the weather may be.

Isley BrothersCold Bologna

This cut comes from the Isley’s 1971 album Givin it Back. Penned by and featuring the legendary Bill Withers on guitar, “Cold Bologna” is written from the perspective of a child whose mother works long hours fixing nice meals and steak for rich folks and is left with nothing left to eat but some cold bologna, mayonnaise and bread. This 40 year old song is still very much relevant in today’s world as it addresses the some of the unfairness present in the lives of the working poor, directly referencing issues such as wealth inequality and poverty.

Shuggie OtisCold Shot

Now that we’ve had a cold bologna sandwich and a cool refreshing beverage, let’s top it off with a “Cold Shot” from the one, the only, Mr. Shuggie Otis. Admittedly, I envy those that have never heard Shuggie Otis. If only because those people not previously familiar with Shuggie’s catalog now have a chance to find their new favorite artist. A swinging instrumental blues tune, this cut features some stellar guitar work by Mr. Otis to accompany the furious ivory tickling that transpires on this track. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to, with ‘they’ being the recording artists, and ‘em’ being songs.

*Freegal is a downloadable music service that offers access to approximately three million songs, including the Sony Music catalog. The collection changes daily and covers thousands of artists on over 10,000 labels with music that originates in over 60 countries. Library cardholders can download up to three songs per week on their computer, flash drive or mobile device (via the Freegal app). There is no software to download and song files can be transferred to multiple devices, burned to disc and will never expire. You must have a Seattle Public Library card and PIN in order to access the service.

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