Romantic Wednesdays: NW Romance Writers

Posted by Marlene

Following in the footsteps of the Science Fiction Fridays series on NW SF & F writers, today’s Romantic Wednesday will take a look at some NW Romance writers.

Cover of Undertow by Cherry Adair

Cherry Adair moved to the Pacific Northwest from South Africa, so it is fitting that the settings of all of her romantic suspense series span the globe with their pulse-pounding mix of action, adventure, suspense and romance. Two of her more popular series are Cutter Cay, and T-FLAC. The Cutter Cay series, starting with Undertow, is set in the world of high-stakes deep sea salvage and high-seas piracy. T-FLAC has an espionage/military organization at its heart, beginning with The Mercenary.

Rebecca Zanetti writes both paranormal romance and romantic suspense. In her Dark Protectors series, we have an interesting mix where the heroines are scientists, but they men they are fated to love are centuries old vampires!(Start with Fated). Her Sin Brothers series is contemporary romantic suspense, with military espionage providing the suspense and the reason for her alpha heroes to be alpha. Meet the Sin Brothers in Forgotten Sins.

in for a penny by rose lernerRose Lerner is a historical romance writer who lives here in Seattle. Her regency-style romances portray the era with all of its glamour and social conventions, but with realistic characters who may be respectable on the outside and steamy on the inside. In For A Penny, all about the marriage of convenience between a rich commoner and an impoverished lord, is a treat for historical romance readers.

And last but definitely not least, Sheila Roberts. She’s not just a NW Romance writer, she has also created her own town in Washington state to set her series. Life in Icicle Falls is a better-than-chocolate-by-sheila-robertscontemporary romance series, based, of course, in Icicle Falls. But Icicle Falls is based on picturesque Leavenworth, Washington, complete with Bavarian themed decorations. The series, starting with Better Than Chocolate, follows the lives and loves of the residents of Icicle Falls as they revive the tourist industry by starting a chocolate festive. Although romance (and chocolate) abound, all of the books in the Icicle Falls series are marvelous stories about the power of true friendship as well as the joys of true love.

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