Discovering LGBTQ mysteries and detectives

Click here to view The Blue Place in the SPL catalogWe’re gearing up for the April 30 event “The Queer Detective” that will feature three northwest mystery writers, which means it’s a great opportunity to take a moment, pull out the old spy glass, and seek out a few of the mysteries that are on SPL’s shelves.

LGBT detectives, investigators, and crime solvers are not new to the shadowy streets that darken many a mystery novel. There are a lot of books available where readers can sink into both a suspenseful story and follow main characters who solve crimes and save the day while living “out of the closet”.

Click here to view A Little Death in the SPL catalogFadeout by Joseph Hansen is the first of 12 mysteries that star Dave Brandstetter, a rugged insurance investigator that finds his cases getting complicated…and deadly. Fadeout was released originally in 1970, and Hansen’s hardboiled openly gay hero doesn’t pull any punches while he tracks down the truth.

Readers can pick up local Seattle author Nicola Griffith’s heart-stopping suspense series that starts with The Blue Place and follows steely former cop Aud Torvingen as she tracks down an art thief and finds herself falling for a woman she’s protecting.

The Lambda Literary winning series Henry Rios Mysteries by Michael Nava begins with A Little Death and follows troubled public defender Henry Rios as he seeks justice for a murdered friend, and tracks a “money trail” twisted by greed and corruption.

Click here to view Somebody Killed His Editor in the SPL catalogIn Gaudí  Afternoon, northwest writer Barbara Wilson (also writing under the name Barbara Sjoholm) casts her heroine Cassandra Reilly into an international adventure as she tracks down a missing person in Barcelona, and finds herself caught in a web of half-truths, whole lies, and not-so-hidden threats and attractions.

For something a little “cozier”, come get trapped with mystery writer Kit as he finds himself wrapped up in a real murder case, all while stuck at a writer’s retreat from hell in Josh Lanyon’s Somebody Killed His Editor. And you can follow Richard Stevenson’s witty and wily PI Donald Strachey in both book-form in Red, White, Black, and Blue and on DVD in the mystery film On the Other Hand, Death.

Click here to view Red White Black and Blue in the SPL catalogAnd that’s not the half of it! You can find works by Anthony Bidulka, Rhys Ford, Ellen Hart, J.M. Redmann, Mark Richard Zubro, and many more authors who are having their out-and-proud gumshoes taking on cases and keeping the streets safe for us readers.

We hope you can join us on April 30 at 7pm at the Central Branch’s Microsoft Auditorium for The Queer Detective for readings with three local authors—Lambda Literary winner Nicole Kimberling (Turkskin), Rainbow Award winner Lori L. Lake (Jump the Gun), and Lou Sylvre (Loving Luki Vasquez).

Tracy Timmons-Gray is an avid LGBT genre fiction reader and organizes the annual Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up conference.

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