Spring Biking

The daffodils and tulips are finally indicating that it is spring here in Seattle. It is time to shake off the winter doldrums and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. A perfect way to do that in our beautiful city is by bike. Whether you pull an old clunker from storage or plunk down the cash for sparkly new fixie, the library has plenty of biking books to inspire you to get out and ride.

Everyday Bicycling by Elly Blue is a great place to start if you are new to riding or just want to brush up on the basics. Hand signals, types of bikes and how to be safe are all covered in this slim volume.

For the ladies, and style conscious gents, here are two books that counter the notion that you have to wear spandex and look like a racer to ride a bike. Heels on Wheels by Katie Dailey is a cute introduction to the idea of cycling while dressed to the nines. Dailey goes over the basics of picking a bike, riding safely and being comfortable and cute. If you need a little more in depth information then there is Caz Nicklin’s The Girl’s Bicycle Handbook. This book is packed with great information and useful tips. I particularly like the profiles of women who ride their bikes all the time as well as all the internet resources for buying functional and cute biking clothes.

These books, along with many more titles, are just waiting to propel you towards a fabulous biking experience this spring.

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