2 teens + 1 library = 389 volunteer hours!

 Posted by Cheresse

The Southwest Branch is getting ready to say goodbye and good wishes to two AMAZING teen volunteers Christina and Andrey.  Why do we have to say goodbye? Because they’re graduating from high school this week. Woohoo!

SWTWe all know that teens are required to volunteer 60 hours to graduate high school. We get that, and we can take it for granted. Some teen volunteers are immature, some are responsible, and I’ve supervised all kinds as a teen librarian. What I haven’t seen in over 10 years of working as a Teen Librarian are the qualities and skills these teen volunteers have shown over the years: dedication, responsibility, good communication skills, organization, creativity, and I could go on and on. Together, these teens have volunteered 389.5 hours at the Southwest Branch.

Let me say that again:

That. Is. AMAZING.

What have they done in that time? They’ve created beautiful and elaborate displays, they’ve assisted with reading programs, they’ve boxed up books for the Friends of the Library, they’ve placed posters and advertisements about library programs in places teens would go in the neighborhood, they’ve helped give out prizes and food at programs, they’ve collated Summer Reading finisher packets, they’ve straightened the library so there are no tripping hazards, they’ve disinfected children’s puzzles, and they’ve done a whole host of other things that I can’t even remember.

SWT 2 teen volunteers
These two teen volunteers have done so much for the Southwest Library, and we are eternally grateful (and proud!).

Do you think these teens are going to continue to use the library as they go to college, get their first professional jobs, start families, and move through their major mile-stones of life? I think so. In fact, they’ve already asked for the adult volunteer application, so that once they get a handle on the college schedule they can continue to give back to their community.

I call that a success!

Congratulations on your achievement Christina and Andrey! Everyone here at Seattle Public Library wishes you happiness and continued success!
display at the Southwest Branch

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