Color Fascination

by Richard C.

Toddlers. Oh my gad. Working at the library I walked by one the other day and saw her point out her little finger at a colorful book. Just barely, ever so softly, I heard her whisper… “rainbow.” Well. Thoroughly and utterly moved by her little murmur – I’m easily moved; it’s why I work in libraries – I decided I’ve been taking color fascination for granted.

So, here are some great color-related books that may be fun for children; here are some others for adults; and here below are two terrific books helping me rediscover some really cool things about color:

Click here to view The Rarest Blue in the SPL catalogTHE RAREST BLUE
By Baruch Sterman

Can a color be lost? One particular shade of blue was coveted by the ancients, mentioned throughout the Bible, lost for many centuries, and rediscovered only recently. Who knew a shade of blue could be so rare? Author and physicist Baruch Sterman narrates the mystery and science of one color’s surprising story. The political, religious and economic significance is astounding. The presence of blueness may seem a common thing, but with engaging prose, Sterman shows us otherwise. And why does blue show up in movies so often?


An Exceedingly Surprising Book about Color
By Jude Stewart

Are colors merely visual? Or are they signs and tools and emotions, coming up in the meanings we try making in conversation? After giving just a brief history of color theory, author and designer Jude Stewart unleashes a thoroughly enjoyable tour of colors and their meanings. Why is yellow craven in one culture but suggestive of envy in others? Do green covers undermine magazine sales? Stewart doesn’t have all the answers, but she stirs
up your thinking with many wonderful questions – my personal favorite being

“What is the average color of the universe?”

Please add a comment below with your favorite books on color!



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