Skip the Holds Queue with Hoopla!

By Matt K.

Morning Phase in HooplaRecently, I discovered that the musician Beck had put out a new, critically acclaimed album this past February. The glowing reviews for Morning Phase sparked my interest, as I’d been pretty unimpressed with his most recent releases. I thought that because it had been four months since the album’s release, maybe there wouldn’t be a long wait to borrow the CD from The Seattle Public Library.


There were still 317 folks already waiting for their turn with one of the 74 copies the Library owns. Bummer, I thought, until I noticed the next item showing in the catalog – a digital, instantly accessible copy of the album through Hoopla, the streaming video/music service that is free with your Library card.

Turn Blue in HooplaIn a matter of minutes, I was listening to the new album (music is available to stream up to one week after checkout) and wondering what other items with long holds queues were available through Hoopla. After a quick search, I saw that the popular Frozen soundtrack was available to stream, bypassing the long line of 315 patrons waiting to borrow one of the 71 copies the Library owns. Another high demand album, Turn Blue by the Black Keys, was available for instant streaming as well! No need to be number 391 on the extensive wait list for one of the 68 copies the Library owns.

Keep in mind that these were just a few of the album titles that were available. There are plenty of recent releases to choose from, all instantly accessible and free to stream (though you are limited to 20 albums or movies a month).

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in HooplaHoopla also has an ever-growing list of movies and TV shows from which you can choose. They’re available to you for 72 hours after you check them out and the selection is eclectic, ranging from classics like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to recent Oscar winners such as The King’s Speech.

If you haven’t given Hoopla a try yet, now’s the time to take advantage of this great streaming media service that comes free with your Library membership.

One thought on “Skip the Holds Queue with Hoopla!”

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Hoopla, Matt. I love it! I like to scroll down in the Music section to a special online shelf called “Hours of Great Music” because each item there contains a huge number of songs, but each item only counts as one checkout. So, I can check out David Bowie’s Platinum, for example, and enjoy 57 songs for a single checkout. I also recently borrowed The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books, which contains 254 songs! Two hundred and fifty four!!! Thanks for the great post.

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