Calling All Anglophiles

~posted by Frank

Are you an Anglophile who just can’t get enough period drama, droll humor, gray skies or visions of the British countryside? If this describes you, then check out these dozen new television programs and miniseries from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Acorn that have recently made their way to DVD.

BreathlessFollow the exploits of the doctors and nurses in 1960s London. Think Mad Men crossed with Grey’s Anatomy.

Death in ParadiseA British cop is transferred to a tiny Caribbean island to solve a murder and eventually lead its small police force.

Field of BloodA young woman starting out at a newspaper in 1980s Glasgow becomes involved in a murder story that becomes personal.

HinterlandThis four-episode miniseries follows a detective who solves hate crimes in the Welsh countryside.

The MusketeersFollow the exploits of Athos, Aramis, Porthos and D’Artagnan as act as King Louis XIII’s personal bodyguards as well as maintain order in 17th century Paris.

Scott & BaileyTwo female detectives who are polar opposites balance their work as murder detectives with their complicated personal lives.

Secret StateGabriel Bryne stars as a deputy prime minister who is navigating tricky political waters where government meets business.

37 DaysThis miniseries explores the 37 days that led to Britain’s declaration of war on Germany during World War I.

WPC 56Set in central England in the 1950s, the series follows the force’s first policewoman as she battles sexism in a male-dominated world.

ViciousIan McKellen and Derek Jacobi star as an elderly gay couple who have survived 50 years together by hurling scathing barbs at each other.

The VillageThe lives of the residents of a small English village are explored throughout the 20th century by decade; series one is set during 1914-1920.

A Young Doctor’s NotebookDaniel Radcliffe stars as a young doctor at a bizarre Russian hospital in 1917 who turns to his older self (Jon Hamm) for advice.

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