Reading challenge for adults: How many romance genres can you read this summer?

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Posted by Selby G.

How many genres of romance novels can you read this summer?

Romance novels make up roughly 30 percent of the books sold in the U.S. They range from sweet stories about small town girls finding the perfect cowboy to plaid-clad highlanders seducing innocent heiresses and shape-shifting dragons fighting demons and finding love. If you can think of a premise in which two characters might be thrown together and fall in love, then it is probably out there waiting to be read.

To help you discover all the different possibilities within the genre of romance, we have put together this Romance Genres Check List. It breaks romance into smaller subgenres such as contemporary, historical and paranormal — and then breaks those categories down even further so you can check them off as you read.  Make your own goal for the summer such as reading every subgenre of historical romance. That alone will take you from hunky highlanders to roguish dukes and Wild West gun slingers. Or give your taste buds even more to try by reading at least one from every one of the more general categories.  Better yet, go whole hog and check off every box on the list.

Every two weeks a new blog post will discuss a different category and give you recommendations on authors and books within these delineations. The first blog post of the series will be about contemporary romance novels which are set sometime within the last 20 years. We’ll go through the list and give you ideas for all the categories but feel free to branch out and see what hidden gems you can find.

Download or print this PDF and check off as you read! Romance Genres Check List

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