Summer fun with science — for adults, too

wolves in the land of salmon Frankenstein's CatFabricated Our Summer of Learning Program

for children is a terrific way for families to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as well as STEAM (STEM with an art component).The Library has many free science resources for adults, too.

Red RoverStart with our online Science & Technology resource page. It includes free access to Birds of North America Online as well as The New Book of Popular Science (an encyclopedia with science projects, articles, games, puzzles and brainteasers). Our science librarians also put together these suggested reading lists:

Another great learning opportunity is provided by Science Friday, a weekly talk show on KUOW2 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Fridays. You can listen to science programs streamed through your computer, mobile device, HD radio or Internet radio. Produced by the Science Friday Initiative, a nonprofit organization, it has become a popular radio program nationwide. Journalist Ira Flatow discusses fascinating topics with scientists from many fieldspresent at the future, and listeners are urged to call in with their questions. On the Science Friday site, you can hear prior shows, watch videos and engage in interesting activities.  Topics covered include the science behind barbecuing, tips on keeping cool, communication by fireflies and the explosive chemistry behind colorful fireworks. Check out Ira Flatow’s book Present at the Future: From Evolution to Nanotechnology, Candid and Controversial Conversations on Science and Nature.

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