Celebrate co-working at your library!

~posted by Jay

Click here to view The Style of Coworking in the SPL catalogThere are some jobs that allow people to work anywhere that they can connect to the Internet. Though this provides the flexibility to work in solitude, some folks actually seek out spaces where other people are also working. Consider the coffee shop, where every tabletop sports a laptop! But when you’ve used up your welcome at the local coffee shop… enter the concept of
coworking spaces.

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard about one of these places that offer interesting and useful space to work along with other tools and resources. There are a myriad of reasons one might seek out a space like this, but it might include the networking, collaboration, social interaction, and/or shared resources. The Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance has a handy directory of local co-working spaces in Seattle. Some of these are celebrating coworking this week with free trials so you can see if this is right for you.

And if you think about library spaces, I can tell you that people in Seattle definitely use libraries as coworking spaces too! Libraries have many of those elements found in coworking spaces, and we continually see, and hear stories about, people using libraries in these ways. Some of you might actually be co-working in a library as you read this post!

Happy Coworking Week (August 4-9, 2014)!

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