Adult Summer Reading Challenge: Amish and Christian Romance

Posted by Selby G.
Part 3 of our Adult Summer Reading Challenge focusing on subgenres of romance.

Inspirational or religious romance novels are a hot commodity these days, particularly books featuring the Amish. With no sex, and a lot of God, the focus is more on finding love that nurtures one’s soul than a steamy romance.

The Last Bride in the Library catalogGoodbye to Yesterday in the Library catalogA Season for Tending in the Library catalog

Amish romance novels have exploded in popularity in recent years. Perhaps readers are looking for solace in a simpler life or are merely fascinated by this culture that sets itself apart from our own. Tradition plays a huge role in many of these books, as well as the fight to keep faith and tradition alive. Beverly Lewis, Wanda Brunstetter and Cindy Woodsmall are the heavy hitters of this subgenre but a simple search for ‘Amish Romance’ will give you plenty to read.

Sacred Ground in the Library catalogCourting Campaign in the Library catalogDoctor's Lady in the Library catalog

The Amish aren’t the only ones looking for love. Spirituality and love go hand in hand for many writers and readers. The majority of these books in the United States are focused on Christian beliefs, but there are others out there. Even if you are not an overtly religious person you may find these books have an uplifting and positive message. Some just inspire you to follow your dreams no matter what religious affiliation you might have. Try Adrienne Ellis Reeves, Regina Scott and Jody Hedlund.

Have you checked out our challenge sheet yet?  Download or print this PDF and check off as you read: Romance Genres Checklist.

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