Adult Summer Reading Challenge: Paranormal Romance

– posted by Selby G.

Part 4 of our Adult Summer Reading Challenge focusing on subgenres of romance.

This week’s romance subgenre is a doozy and, admittedly, the reason I started reading romance novels. Paranormal romance is all the weird stuff. Men (and women) who can shape-shift into tigers (or just about any other animal you can think of), angels who fall in love with demons and naughty little mermaids. The creativity in this genre blows my mind and I am forever searching for the strangest mixture I can find.

Heart of the Highland Wolf in the Library catalogTiger Magic in the Library catalogLove in the Time of Dragons in the Library catalog

Shape-shifting is extremely popular in this subgenre and wolves seem to be the favorite, although dragons, jaguars and bears are popular too. I can’t even begin to describe the craziness of this subgenre so you will just have to read some for yourself. Terry Spear does a cross-over with highland werewolves and another with Navy SEAL werewolves, Jennifer Ashley has a whole town of shifters in her books and Katie MacAlister likes her men half dragon.

One Lucky Vampire in the Library catalogPossession in the Library catalogDark Descent in the Library catalog

Vampires have been the focus of many fantasies even before the Twilight series came out. They have always had a certain sex appeal so it is no wonder they feature heavily in paranormal romance. Lynsay Sands infuses humor into her sexy vampires. For more brooding vamps try J.R. Ward. Christine Feehan has a number of short story collections with all sorts of paranormal creatures.

Forgiven in the Library catalogGoddess of the Sea in the Library catalogGenie Knows Best in the Library catalog

If shape shifters and vampires aren’t your thing, then how about demons, witches, mermaids or genies? Yes, there are even Amish vampires if you are so inclined.

How are you doing this summer on our romance challenge? Download or print this PDF and check off as you read: Romance Genres Checklist. And we have lots of ideas to help you complete your checklist!

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