Three for Free: Guardians of the Galaxy edition

Click here to view Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Volume 1 in the SPL catalogIn this summer’s most enjoyable movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill (aka Star Lord) is an Earthling snatched away from his home as a child in the Eighties and thrown into a life of crime and adventure on faraway alien worlds. His only reminders of his life on Earth and his beloved mother are his Walkman and precious cassette tape, Awesome Mix Vol.1. Now, you could just put a hold on a copy of the CD of this wonderful soundtrack, but wouldn’t be more fun to assemble your own on Freegal Music? Here are three for free to get you started!

Click here to view Essential R & B volume 2 in FreegalFirst up is Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, one of the many excellent duets between Marvin Gaye and the criminally underrated Tammi Terrell. Well, not truly a duet, because Tammi, an unknown back-up singer, was too nervous to share a studio with the amazing Mr. Gaye. What you’re hearing is merely a mixing trick done after the fact. They would go on to record several more hits and tour together before Terrell tragically passed away just three years later.

Click here to view The Essential Redbone in FreegalNext is Come and Get Your Love by Redbone, a band formed by two brothers, Patrick and Candido Vasquez. The name “Redbone” is a slang tribute to their mixed Mexican and Native American heritage, and the band frequently filled their songs with lyrics and rhythms which reflected this. They managed to chart several singles in the early 70s, but this song was their biggest hit, and has always been one of my favorite “One-Hit Wonder” songs of the era because of the absolutely infectious drum sound.

Click here to view The First Family of Soul: The Best of the Five Stairsteps in FreegalFinally, there is O-o-h Child by the Chicago-based soul family The Five Stairsteps. The core of the group were the five Burke siblings, who called themselves “The First Family of Soul”, and they had a string of hits on the R&B charts in the early Seventies . This song made it to #8 on the Billboard pop charts, and I remember it well. For some reason, I used to sing this to the family dog when I was little!

Click here to view Spirit in the Sky: The Definitive Anthology in FreegalBONUS SONG!! Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum! You can’t have a movie that is set in the Seventies or that references the Seventies (even though it came out in 1969) without it! No, seriously, this song is great and is ubiquitous.

~posted by Daniel S.

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